Cohort-Based Learning for Engineering Leaders

Learn directly from top engineering leaders.
Tailored to your goals and context.

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How Circles Work

Live, Personalized Learning

In each Circle, participants and mentors form relationships and engage in direct discussion. Mentors tailor each circle to the needs of the participants.

Learn with your peers

Each Circle includes a small cohort of participants from different companies and backgrounds who are all interested in the Circle's topic.

Pay with your L&D budget

If your company has a budget or stipend for learning and development, registration fees for Plato Academy Circles usually qualify.

Learn from Engineering Leaders from top tech companies


Plato mentors are experienced engineering leaders from leading tech companies who are passionate about helping you grow your career.

Mentors get to know each participant in their circles, applying their insights and experience to each individual's context.

If you think you or someone you know would make a great mentor, click below to find out more.

What people are saying about Circles

Beth was super helpful! She created helpful and insightful dialogues on how we can advance our careers as women. She provided frameworks as well as personal stories. I learned a lot from her but also other engineers in the group. Thank you!

Flora L. - Sr Software Engineer @ Opendoor @

It was simply great to get together with like minded experts and share ideas and learn. Fantastic experience

Priya K. - Senior Solutions Architect @ DXC Technology @

Great to learn from everyone. Understanding the patterns and anti-patterns for leaders at certain levels helps me know some pitfalls to avoid.

Val L. - Sr QA Manager @ Mavenlink @

Absolutely awesome session with specific and detailed answer to all of my questions. Just a great overall speaker!

Somnath M. - Member Of Technical Staff @ Ebay @


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