Have an impact
Help other Engineering Leaders

Host a circle to build your brand, have an impact on others and make some money. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you can help others to grow and develop, while also networking and staying up to date on industry trends.

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Help multiple engineering leaders at a time

Hosting a circle can be a great way to help multiple engineering leaders at the same time.

Intimate Group Setting (5 to 10 people)

Group at a similar stage of their career

Tools to help the group get prepared and ask the right questions

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Help 10 people, impact thousands others

As you mentor engineering leaders, we'll handle the content creation so you can focus on what you love: helping others. This is a win-win situation where you can make a bigger impact and we support your efforts.

We'll promote your circle to thousands of engineering leaders in our community

We'll give your the tools to promote and share your circle to your network

We use AI build content out of your mentorship calls

You'll make money as you're having an impact

Whether you're looking to make some extra money, donate to a charity, or advance your career, it's your choice. You have the choice to focus on what matters most to you,

We'll share the revenue with you

You can donate to a charity

Or access to Plato 1-on-1 mentorship for yourself or someone else

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